By contributing to Paul’s Drawn to the Word ministry, you will be joining in this mission of bringing the Word of God to life before the eyes of audiences everywhere.  In particular, your contributions will be used in the following ways.  Choose how you would like your dollars used:

Option One

Church Builder

To create visually engaging materials, videos, downloads, projectables, bulletin and program covers, coloring pages, take-home resources, and more which both engage and proclaim the Word of God. Such projects require resources of time, materials, and in some cases, professional services to produce a high-quality product that makes an impact.

Option Two


To enable Paul to work in locations where funding is not possible, yet the Word of God is needed and Paul is invited, such as prisons, homeless shelters, schools with limited budgets, nursing homes, and more.

Option Three

General Ministry

I want Paul to decide which part of his ministry my donation goes to.

Here are two examples of the work Paul has been doing or is seeking to do, that are within the donor categories:

1.  In 2016, Paul launched a campaign to fund the Narrative Lectionary Painting Project. The goal was to create a time-lapse video series (over 200 paintings and videos) to illustrate the weekly assigned Bible readings heard in Church during worship. The hope in having this funded by the public was to then make this resource available to churches around the world for a minimal cost.

This initial fundraising effort was unsuccessful. The dream, however, was and is still alive. Much has been learned from this first attempt, gathering a wealth of feedback from pastors, congregations and Bible scholars.

Now with greater clarity, we are ready to proceed again with a modified outcome (as a result of the feedback), with the goal of launching the first series of video and visual resources in November of 2018. JOIN US TODAY in making this a reality. Only you can make this happen.

2.  Paul served as a guest pastor and artist at Black River Correctional Facility, a medium security prison housing nearly 1,100 men in Black River Falls, Wisconsin in 2017. He collaborated with inmates and their chaplain to create a Drawn to the Word worship service.

This worship experience involved the men’s choir of about 30 inmates and their 12-man contemporary Christian music band. Paul painted the story of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15 and about 100 inmates participated.

With limited financial resources in prisons, Paul has done this work when he can, without compensation. Allow this ministry to GROW WITH YOUR SUPPORT TODAY.

Benefits of being a donor:

You will receive quarterly updates via e-mail newsletter, informing you of how your contribution is bringing God’s Word to the world.

You will periodically receive a short video which will show you what is happening as a result of your donation, personally narrated by Paul.

You will receive a discount code to use in the Store on Paul’s website.

Most importantly, you can know that your contribution will be used carefully, purposefully, and with integrity by Paul in order to bring the Word of God to life through the use of the visual arts in the ways listed above.

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Return back to this page as we post projects and development campaign updates so you can watch the progress take shape!

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