Drawn To The Word

DRAWN TO THE WORD is the artistic ministry and mission of Paul Oman, pastor and professional artist. Paul creates larger-than-life sized murals of any Bible story or theme in less than an hour as audiences are engaged by watching the process. The Biblical story comes to life before your eyes, impacting lives and congregations in profound ways.

You choose the theme; PAUL paints the story. Events are planned in conjunction with the congregation/event host involving musical talent of the congregation and community, or Paul can provide a pre-scripted event with music and narrations.

To see a story created on canvas before your eyes is a unique and powerful experience which brings people of all ages and denominations together.

Paul_PaintingPaul paints during worship services, educational events, retreats, special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and retirements, youth gatherings, conferences, college choral performances, camps, outdoor settings, memorial events, outreach events, disaster relief efforts, school and corporate events, and more.

He has painted during choral performances of the Wartburg College Choir and with musicians/singers/songwriters/bands on stage.

Paul’s painting process compliments most styles of music, worship, and events, from contemporary to high liturgical, and from outdoor street events to camps and professional concert appearances.

All-Community Mural

THE ALL-COMMUNITY MURAL is a natural outflow of Drawn to the Word. Instead of Paul doing the painting, the community comes together and creates a magnificent paint by number mural. The mural can then be used for worship, can be painted to change with lighting (think glow in the dark or blacklight effects), and is perfect for using for a variety of events including community concerts, drama performances, children’s programs, special events, and more.

Bring your congregation or community together with the power of art.

Diving Deeper

Bring teaching to life with a co-mingling of art and biblical presentation at your next retreat, workshop, school or community event, and more with a Diving Deeper session. Paul will bring the stories and teachings alive in the same manner as Drawn to the Word events. Diving Deeper is a more intimate and teaching-focused opportunity for luncheons, keynote speaker needs, and so much more.

  • "Every opaque object that is devoid of color partakes of the color of that which is opposite to it, as happens with a white wall."

    Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian, 1452-1519
  • "I can't expect even my own art to provide all the answers - only to hope it keeps asking the right questions."

    Grace Hartigan, American, 1922-1908
  • "I like to make an image that's so simple you can't avoid it, and so complicated you can't figure it out."

    Alex Katz, American, born 1927
  • "If one could only reproduce nature, and always with less beauty than the original, why paint at all?"

    Georgia O'Keeffe, American, 1887-1986
  • "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

    Pablo Ruiz Y Picasso, Spanish, 1881-1973
  • "Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible."

    Paul Klee, Swiss, 1879-1940
  • "You are lost the instant you know what the result will be."

    Juan Gris, Spanish, 1887-1927
  • "Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything."

    Ferdinand-Victor-Eugene Delacroix, French, 1798-1863
  • "When you lose simplicity, you lose drama."

    Andrew Wyeth, American, 1917-2009
  • "All colors are the friend of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites."

    Marc Chagall, French (born Russia), 1895-1985
  • "The sun will not rise and set without my notice, and thanks."

    Winslow Homer, American, 1836-1910
  • "I paint not by sight, but by faith. Faith gives you sight."

    Amos Ferguson, Bahamian, 1920-2009

Murals by Paul Oman

Commission a Painting

Commission Paul to paint a large-scale painting of nearly any size (such as a huge painting of the Feeding of the 5000, or a landscape along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, or any Bible story or theme) to go on a wall in your building that needs some life.  This painting can teach and preach 24/7/365 for your organization.

Mural Lending Library

Borrow a Mural

Paul runs a Mural Lending Library for a nominal fee.

Mural Lending Library Pdf

What People are Saying

  • This was the perfect worship event by which to remember our loved ones

    Participants from throughout the United States
  • I was amazed, and when completed I looked with amazement on the painting! Both young and old sat mesmerized. This is a great event for the whole church!

    Pastor Dave Williams Hope Evangelical Free Church, Osceola, WI
  • "It's fun working together with everyone on the mural!"

    Natalie P. Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Amery, WI
  • I was simply carried into prayer by the colors.

    Dirk Lange Professor of Worship, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN
  • My four-year-old was mesmerized for the entire time! She kept telling me every part of the story as Paul painted it.

    A Mom from WI

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