Season After Pentecost


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The Season After Pentecost celebrates the birth, life, and growth of the Christian Church. In this painting, the dove symbolizes the presence of God’s Holy Spirit moving among the people to give this growth, with the larger-than-life silhouette of the empty cross in the background.

To the right and left are rural and urban landscapes, with the outline of a church in each.  Centered is a newly sprouted seedling, reaching upward toward the light and downward into the earth for nourishment.

From out of the green fields, crowds of people are emerging, moving toward the light. The shape of the crowd forms a 3-dimensional cross which moves from foreground to background, right to and from the rural landscape and left into and out of the urban landscape, and upwards towards the dove.

Seeds are being sprinkled downward to take root in the soil merge into the heads of many of the people, giving insight into God’s giving of growth through faith to people and The Church. The stalks of wheat on the left are ripe for harvest, contrasting with the surrounding new growth.

A transition appears from under the dove to above, symbolizing our movement from this world, through death, to resurrection. The movements of white above the dove may symbolize angels.

The light of God descends to touch all things in this scene, giving light and hope to all.

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