Learn to “see like an artist” by taking one of Paul Oman’s workshops. Quickly develop or strengthen your abilities in drawing, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, and oil painting.

Paul offers various workshops throughout the year both to gain a general understanding of foundational skills and to focus on particular subjects and approaches.

Skills you can learn or develop:

  •  Finding SUBJECTS to paint
  • Seeing and understanding VALUES
  • Creating a strong COMPOSITION
  • Understanding and maximizing the use of COLOR
  • Drawing lines, shapes, relationships, values, & unifying the whole
  • Painting LIGHT & SHADOW
  • Learning how to create the illusion of atmospheric perspective & depth
  • Painting various lighting situations (side, overhead, back, rim, front, low, reflected, nocturnal, artificial)
  • Using abstraction to enhance representational
  • Plein air (on location)
  • How to simplify complex scenes to create focus & drama

These workshops become rich times of learning, experimenting, and meeting new friends with both similar and varied interests. Your eyes, mind, and heart will be opened as you see the world in a whole new way with Paul Oman.

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